Accelerate your innovations by reducing time, cost and risk

Our products and services help you develop cutting edge designs for orthopedic implants and joint replacements, within reduced time frames and costs. We provide objective, data backed solutions to help you address a wide array of development challenges such as determining load-bearing requirements and fulfilling regulatory obligations.


  • Design joint replacements and fracture fixators
  • Realistic mechanical testing of products
  • Implant behaviour inside body - motion, forces, stability
  • Optimize orthopedic surgery and implant positioning
  • Support product regulatory approval
  • Knee - total, partial arthroplasty, ACL/PCL reconstruction etc.
  • Hip - total, partial arthroplasty, acetabular cup, fixation nails & screws etc.
  • Shoulder - total, reverse, hemi-arthroplasty, clavicular plates etc.
  • Spine - disc replacements, pedicle screws, fixators etc.
  • Patient-specific solutions
         and more...

Recent research

  • "Regarding loads after spinal fusion, every level should be seen separately: a musculoskeletal analysis", Benditz et al. (2018)  [DOI]
  • "Biomechanical influence of deficient posterolateral corner structures on knee joint kinematics: A computational study", Kang et al. (2018)  [DOI]
  • "Knee internal contact force in a varus malaligned phenotype in knee osteoarthritis (KOA)", Dell'Isola et al. (2017)  [DOI]
  • "The effects of gastrocnemius-soleus muscle forces on ankle biomechanics during triple arthrodesis", Hejazi et al. (2017)  [DOI]
  • "Anatomic and Biomechanical Comparison of the Classic and Congruent-Arc Techniques of the Latarjet Procedure", Montgomery et al. (2017)  [DOI]

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Recent webcasts

Development, validation and clinical applications of patient-specific musculoskeletal knee models (Watch on YouTube)

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