Who is AnyBody Technology?

Who is AnyBody Technology?

AnyBody Technology is a pioneer and leading provider of mechanical modeling of the living body, in particular musculoskeletal modeling (MSM). The all-dominating area of application is of course the human body, but our technology applies to analysis of any creature – currently living, pre-historic, or imaginary. Our base technology is the AnyBody Modeling SystemTM – the simulation engine – and the AnyBody Model Repositories for instance containing the world’s most comprehensive human full-body musculoskeletal model.

We deliver the AnyBody software, models, assisting tools for a setting up a full simulation tool chain. We also provide simulation consultancy service for your specific R&D purposes, or as support and assistance to your in-house simulation resources.

We believe

Musculoskeletal Analysis will evolve into an important and indispensable part of Simulation Based Product Development.


AnyBody Technology is the market leader with the dominant and inevitable tool within Musculoskeletal Analysis.


AnyBody Technology enables solutions with optimal integration of the human musculoskeletal system into new products (filling the void).