AnyBody for Motion Capture Lab

Model-based musculoskeletal analysis is a powerful addition of the capabilities of a modern motion capture lab or setup

AnyBody Technology provides services to help you configure your analysis to your lab protocols and prepare and maintain automated processing setups for large datasets with many trials and subjects.

Automated dataset processing can also be useful for creating and maintaining a reference dataset of “healthy subjects” for your lab to use in the analysis of patient trials.

The AnyBody Modeling System has proven interfaces to:

  • Vicon marker-based protocols
  • Qualysis marker-based protocols
  • Xsens: MVN Awinda, MVN Link
  • General motions capture file formats such as C3D (e.g. Vicon, Qualisys, …), BVH (Xsens and other)

The system comes with ready-made model templates for working with Motion Capture data and is flexible for customizing to your data format, such as adapting to your marker-protocol and force-plate data. Automatic human anthropometric scaling based on your data and ground reaction force prediction when force data is unavailable.

Selected Publiations

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