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Webcast: An analysis of hip joint contact forces in people with femoroacetabular impingement syndrome during squat tasks

Webcast date: March 12, 2024 

It remains unknown if hip joint forces during squat tasks are altered in people with femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAI). This study investigates hip joint forces among people with FAI and healthy controls during double and single leg squat tasks.
The AnyBody Modeling System was used to calculate hip joint angles, forces, and moments for eight individuals with FAI and eight matched healthy participants. Statistical nonparametric mapping (SnPM) analysis showed that patients with FAI demonstrated lower proximodistal hip joint forces during single leg squat than healthy controls and their non-affected leg, suggesting they may adopt a strategy to avoid pain during this high-demand task. In contrast, during double leg squats – which is a less demanding task – no differences in terms of hip joint forces were observed between patients and healthy individuals. These results can enhance the understanding of FAI’s impact on hip functionality during high-demand tasks.

This work, which is published in the Journal of Orthopedic Research, is presented by Mattia Perrone, Research Scientist at Rush University Medical Center.

Welcome to Modeling of Musculoskeletal Systems based on Multibody Dynamics

Date: April 15 – 19, 2024 

This PhD course introduces techniques for modeling of musculoskeletal systems based on multibody dynamics. The course takes a bottom-up approach beginning with kinematics of open and closed chains and ending with analysis of complex and anatomically realistic models. The course uses the AnyBody Modeling System throughout and contains an introduction to this system. The course is targeted at students of mechanical engineering, biomechanics, ergonomics, sports science, orthopedics, robotics and other disciplines interested in multibody mechanics or biomechanics.

Read more and sign up here: Aalborg University Modeling Course

Aalborg University

32nd Annual Meeting of the European Orthopaedic Research Society

Date: September 18 – 20, 2024

Let’s meet at the 32nd Annual Meeting of European Orthopaedic Research Society in Aalborg, Denmark.

Read more about the meeting here:

Press release: Terrabyte Co. Ltd. acquires 60% of AnyBody Technology


Terrabyte Co., Ltd. with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, has acquired 60% of the Danish company AnyBody Technology A/S and has thereby become the largest shareholder of AnyBody Technology A/S. The acquisition has been performed in two stages over the last 1½ years with decisive effect from June 2021.

AnyBody Technology and Terrabyte are already close partners and have over the past 6 years delivered a large number of projects with Terrabyte as the operation partner and AnyBody Technology as the software application provider. Now the parties have joined forces and will continue to develop the cooperation and business globally.

“We see AnyBody Technology as a solid and strong company with a unique state of the art technology that has evolved and developed over the past 20 years. AnyBody Technology possesses a worldwide marked leading position with its validated simulation software. The founders and the management team are very strong profiles, and they will continue the overall management of AnyBody Technology”, says Tadashi Komori, CEO, Terrabyte.

We have high hopes for the continued development of AnyBody Technology together with Terrabyte. The partnership with Terrabyte has been well established over the past 6 years and we have delivered numerous projects together in the Asian region. We are looking forward to reinforcing and strengthening the partnership with Terrabyte and to developing our company even further on the global market”, says Jørgen Rosenkilde, CEO, AnyBody Technology.

AnyBody Technology will continue with the existing management team and will proceed to operate as a separate company, focusing on delivering high-end biomechanical simulation software and offering services directly to customers and clients. All the while, Terrabyte will support the future business development and growth of AnyBody Technology.

AnyBody Technology

Is a bio-engineering company with headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark which spun off from Aalborg University and was founded in 2002. AnyBody Technology develops musculoskeletal models and bioengineering software based on cutting-edge biomechanical research. The software is used by research and commercial customers globally, but most extensively in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Terrabyte Co., Ltd.

Is a CAE software engineering company founded in 1997. It has since 2014 been the prime distributor of AnyBody Technology software in Asia. In addition to technical consultation for non-linear structural analysis software LS-DYNA and open-source thermo-fluid software OpenFOAM, Terrabyte also provides sales support for various CAE software and services for measuring material physical properties and human body movements. Terrabyte operates the Asian market from the HQ in Tokyo and from Shanghai, China.