Gain decisive insights on comfort and ergonomics

Let us help you design automobiles that are ergonomically ideal for all occupants. Our products and services provide unprecendented insights into human-vehicle interaction that help you innovate quickly and cost effectively.


  • Optimized occupant package design 
  • Ingress & egress analysis
  • Seating comfort - H-point, lumbar support etc.
  • Driver-vehicle interaction - ergonomics, forces, fatigue
  • Ergonomic design for population anthropometry
  • Assembly line ergonomics
  • Factory exoskeletons (read more here)
  • Pre-collision occupant response 
  • Numerical measures of human comfort, performance
         and more...

“Biomechanical simulations with the AnyBody Modeling System™ made it possible to quantify and determine key design parameters of the Active Motion™ technology very early in the design phase. The key parameters could only have been found through simulations”

Dr. Karl Siebertz, Technical Specialist, Biomechanics Vehicle Interior Technologies Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe

Recent research

  • "Coupling rigid multi-body and deformable finite element human models for assessing seat discomfort", Savonnet, L. et al. (2016) [WWW]
  • "A preventive evaluation of perceived postural comfort in car-cockpit design: Differences between the postural approach and the accurate muscular simulation under different load conditions in the case of steering-wheel usage", Naddeo et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Musculoskeletal analysis of driving fatigue: The influence of seat adjustments", Binti Abdul Majid, N.A. et al. (2013) [DOI]
  • "Muscle activity and co-contraction of musculoskeletal model during steering maneuver", Hai Gao, Z., et al. (2014) [DOI]
  • "Computer-based estimation of the hip joint reaction force and hip flexion angle in three different sitting configurations", Van Houcke et al. (2017) [DOI]

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Recent webcasts

Modeling of population ergonomics with AnyBody (Watch on YouTube)

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