Optimized occupant package design

Many industrial products such as automobiles are produced industrially not for a single individual but for a cross section of the population. Furthermore, these products contain adjustment capabilities to accommodate people of different sizes. The AnyBody Modeling System allows for investigation of the ergonomics of a population in conjunction with an adjustable environment. Thousands of body models can be generated within the variability of a population, placed in conjunction with the product and evaluated for automotive comfort.


  • Driving posture simulation studies
  • H-point simulation
  • Ergonomic simulation of package design
  • Car / automotive ergonomics
  • Perceived postural comfort in car-cockpit Design

Examples of input and output for an occupant model:


  • Parameters for vehicle interior
  • Population specification


  • Muscle activities for individual muscles
  • Joint reaction forces
  • Comfort / discomfort measures

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Typical steps to create a model

  1. Import CAD vehicle / automotive environment using the AnyBody Exporter for SOLIDWORKS See AnyBody Exporter for SOLIDWORKS® | SOLIDWORKS and Making Models using SOLIDWORKS
  2. Specify the size of the human model
    See e.g., Statistical Scaling Plugin
  3. Define which parameters in the model to variate
  4. Connect the human model to the interior using kinematic constraints
  5. Define the motion of remaining degrees of freedom (DOF) in the human model
  6. Define the force interaction between the human and the interior e.g., ensure foot contact with car pedals
  7. Implement force response on interior components
  8. Run the model
  9. Evaluate the output

Selected papers

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  • More automotive related papers