AnyBody For Ergonomics

Extend conventional ergonomic assessment standards (e.g., Rapid Upper Limb Assessment – RULA) with biomechanical parameters as muscle activity and forces, joint reaction forces, and metabolism. Compare subjects, scenarios, trends, and statistics to understand the biomechanical factors affecting the health and identify the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Benefit from additional biomechanical information offered by The AnyBody Modeling System as an ergonomic simulation tool and analyse work situations with and without assistive devices such as exoskeletons and visualize and review the intervention effects.

AnyBody for Ergonomics

Offline multilevel ergonomic assessment of workplaces with assistive machines

Conventional ergonomic assessment procedures could benefit from additional information offered by biomechanical models. Such models can represent assistance of an exoskeleton or a robot and improve ergonomic assessment.

In this presentation, we suggest an enhanced ergonomic assessment approach, where state-of-the-art data acquisition and human musculoskeletal modeling tools are used alongside traditional evaluation schemes.

Enhance conventional ergonomic assessment methods

  • Provide continuous quantification over interindividual, cross-factorial, and scenario variations by statistics-based methods
  • Account for robotic and exoskeleton assistance, and other load affecting interventions (both benefits and potential side-effects)
  • Understand biomechanical factors affecting health and causes to musculoskeletal injuries

Supplement laboratory ergonomics experiments and field studies


  • Automated and reproducible processing of collected movement data
  • Reduce time, cost, and eliminate data acquisition challenges
  • Cost-efficient evaluation of metrics that are hard or impossible to measure (deep muscle EMG, Joint forces etc.)

Let us help you!

AnyBody Technology can deliver the whole process with dataset and data viewer and reporting in collaboration with your organization and potentially with our, or your own, work-life expertise partners. Or we can help you integrate all or selected steps in your own organization.

  • Capture of working activities: Work activities is captured by Xsens MVN on site.
  • Ergonomic assessment according to standards: Well-known ergonomic assessment standards, such as RULA, is an integral part of the assessment.
  • Ergonomic assessment with musculoskeletal variables: A full musculoskeletal simulation replicating the captured activities provides a detailed dataset with key musculoskeletal variables, such as muscle activity and joint loading.
  • Dataset and data viewer: The complete dataset of key simulation output can be delivered with a data viewer that enables to analyze the data and find key trends.
  • Reporting: In supplement to, or as alternative to, a full dataset.