Simulation Workflows and Batch Processing

A processing workflow is part of connecting AnyBody simulations with external data and delivering selected output to subsequent processes (analysis, reporting, etc.). A processing workflow hides the simulation and makes it fully or partially automated.

The objective is to integrate frequently done simulations as part of your daily work, or to enable processing (and re-processing) of large datasets that requires similar simulations, e.g., for multiple trials for many subjects/patients, minimize the risk of errors during execution of simulations, increase the ease of use for running the workflow using simple configuration settings.

Processing workflow with AnyBody can be customized with many processing tools. AnyBody Technology recommends and deliver custom solutions typically using the following processing tools.


AnyPyTools is a toolkit for working with the AnyBody Modeling System (AMS) from Python. Its main purpose is to organize, run and collect output from simulations. It has a scheduler to launch multiple instances of AMS utilizing computers with multiple cores. AnyPyTools makes it easy to do parameter and sensitivity analyses and many other things which is not possible directly within AMS. This can be used to streamline the process of running multiple simulations while still being able to change settings for each simulation directly from Python.

Visualization and user interaction

To combine the workflow into an easy-to-use product we build custom frontend solutions using the Python based framework Dash Python library. Whether you need a specific dashboard to inspect data results, plot relevant analysis result or create reports, we can help you achieve this. Our product can be operated locally as a desktop application or ported to the cloud for easy sharing between teams, organizations, or users.

SnakeMake workflow management system

To orchestrate workflows involving multiple steps and large amounts of data we utilize the Python based SnakeMake project. Key features include the option to scale into server, grid, cluster, and cloud environments, set hardware requirements, human readable code, modularization for reusable workflow blocks and much more.

Cloud Hosting

To help you getting started without having to manage servers, workflows, and separate applications, we provide an end-to-end cloud hosting of a simulation workflow. We take care of setting up servers, hosting, AnyBody models, processing, data extractions, and presentation into graphs and reports – all accessible from your browser.