The AnyBody Modeling System

The AnyBody Modeling System™ is a software system for Windows to simulate the human body working in concert with its environment. With AnyBody you can run advanced simulations to calculate:

  • Individual muscle forces
  • Joint contact-forces and moments
  • metabolism
  • elastic energy in tendons
  • antagonistic muscle action

plus much more.

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Model Repository (AMMR)

The AnyBody Managed Model Repository (AMMR) is an open library of components and examples ready to be used in the AnyBody Modeling System™:

  • Detailed human body models
  • Simulation examples of activities of daily living
  • Validation studies

Kick-start your design process, get an insight into the human biomechanics, or get inspired by browsing the AMMR.  

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AnyBody Exporter for SOLIDWORKS®

A software add-in for SolidWorks to convert your CAD drawings directly into AnyBody models:

  • Easy conversion
  • Directly translated mechanical configuration

  • CAD model as AnyScript

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Software Development Kit

A set of development tools to integrate AnyBody simulations directly into your applications, e.g.:

  • Pre-operative planning software
  • Software for ergonomic design
  • Educational tools for physiology and human function

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