AnyBody Software

The AnyBody Modeling System

Human body simulation software

The AnyBody Modeling System™ is a human body simulation software for Windows to simulate the human body working in concert with its environment. With AnyBody you can run advanced simulations to calculate:

  • Individual muscle forces
  • Joint contact-forces and moments
  • Metabolism
  • Elastic energy in tendons
  • Antagonistic muscle action

plus much more.

AnyBody Managed Model Repository (AMMR)

The AnyBody Managed Model Repository (AMMR) is an open library of components and examples ready to be used in the AnyBody Modeling System™:

  • Detailed human body models
  • Simulation examples of activities of daily living
  • Validation studies

Kick-start your design process, get an insight into the human biomechanics, or get inspired by browsing the AMMR.

AMMR body parts
Muscle activation

AnyBody Exporter for SOLIDWORKS®

A SolidWorks® add-in enables users to export SOLIDWORKS CAD models to the AnyBody Modeling System in the form of editable AnyScript code. This can be integrated into your model and connected with the human model to simulate human-product performance, assess product/machine related musculoskeletal loading and ergonomics, and enable the design of prostheses, fitness machines, exoskeletons, and man-machine interfaces.

  • Easy conversion of CAD models to AnyScript modeling script format
  • Directly translated mechanical configuration. Exports mass properties, mate relationships, and color information of parts and assemblies
  • CAD model tree structure is preserved in AnyBody
  • Enables human-product simulations in the AnyBody Modeling System

Software Development Kit

A set of development tools to integrate AnyBody simulations directly into your applications, e.g.:

  • Pre-operative planning software
  • Software for ergonomic design
  • Educational tools for physiology and human function
AnyBody model morphing
AnyBody for Ergonomics

AnyBody For Ergonomics

AnyBody Technology can deliver the whole process with dataset and data viewer and reporting in collaboration with your organization and potentially with our, or your own, work-life expertise partners. Or we can help you integrate all or selected steps in your own organization.

  • Capture of working activities
  • Ergonomic assessment according to standards
  • Ergonomic assessment with musculoskeletal variables
  • Dataset and data viewer
  • Reporting