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Download installers for the AnyBody Modeling System

Note: To download the AnyBody Modeling System you need to create a user account. Register a user here. The registration will allow you access to the newest version only. To get access to previous versions of the AnyBody Modeling System your account needs verification. Please send a request to

Title 10. June 2024 634.89 MB 20. March 2024 634.47 MB 14. February 2024 626.12 MB 3. April 2023 831.45 MB 1. February 2023 831.45 MB

AnyBody Install Guides

8.0.3 10. June 2024
8.0.1 20. March 2024

FE Interface Tools

Currently, we provide an ANSYS interface in the form of a APDL writer tool and a converter to Abaqus. They take forces exported from the AnyBody Modeling System as input.

anyfe.abaqus.03 12. November 2013 3.24 MB
anyfe.ansys.03 12. November 2013 3.27 MB

    License Server Tools

    Here you find license management software supporting our software products. AnyBody’s license system is based on the RLM license manager from Reprise Software, Inc.

    Below you will find:

    • RLM license server distribution including executables, utilities, and manuals, for supported platforms. More platforms may be available by RLM, but not supported by AnyBody Technology.
    • ISV definition files that identifies AnyBody Technology for RLM license manager.

    Supported platforms are:

    • Windows (32bit and 64bit)
    • Linux (32bit and 64bit)
    • Solaris (32bit and 64bit, Intel/AMD and Sparc)

    For more information for license administrators, RLM documentation, and newest RLM software, please see RLM support site and the Installation Guide that follows the AnyBody software.

    rlm.12.x.setfile 7. August 2017 0.53 KB 7. August 2017 1.91 MB 7. August 2017 1.71 MB
    rlm.12.2.linux 7. August 2017 2.13 MB
    rlm.12.2.linux 7. August 2017 1.90 MB

    Dongle Drivers

    Below you find software and drivers for the hardware dongles used for AnyBody license management.

    The dongles are produced by Aladdin. AnyBody uses the HASP HL and HASP4 dongles. Dongles for AnyBody are supported by the software provided below, but you may find newer versions at Aladdin’s website.

    Notice that modern versions of Windows contain the drivers for automatic installation. Insert the dongle without prior driver installation to see if driver installation starts automatically.

    7.32 15. June 2015 14.23 MB
    7.32 15. June 2015 13.54 MB
    6.56 10. July 2013 13.20 MB
    6.56 10. July 2013 12.96 MB
    5.86 8. September 2010 10.29 MB