Consumer products

Expedite product development and testing

Our products and services help you revolutionize designs for consumer products, within reduced time frames and costs. We provide objective, data backed solutions to help you address a wide array of development challenges such as optimizing performance of products interacting with the human body and ensuring human compliance with your product. 


  • Population based design optimization
  • Ergonomic analysis of products
  • Ease of use analysis
  • Quantify performance objectively
  • Explore human impact from design changes
  • Packaging analysis: opening, handeling
  • Handtool analysis: grip, weigth balance
  • Personal product analysis: ease of use
  • Home appliance products analysis: ergonomics
         and more...

Recent research

  • "Effect of the critical ergonomics parameters on domestic chairs for comfort using the human based product development software", Efe, H. et al. (2015) [PDFWWW]
  • "Modelling and analysis of an impulse stimulated human body by a hand-guided power tool", Hess, S. (2013) [PDFWWW]

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