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Our cutting edge simulation technology offers you detailed, quantitative insights on the workings of muscles, joints and bones in the human body. Leading research institutes around the world use our products and services to achieve pivotal solutions in engineering, health technology, sports sciences and a host of other disciplines. 


  • Musculoskeletal modeling and simulation
  • Inbuilt human model library
  • Rehabilitation research
  • Functional outcome evaluation
  • Exoskeleton development
  • Human-device interaction
  • Amputee motion and prosthesis design
  • Gait analysis
  • GRF prediction
  • Ergonomic and population studies
  • Activities of daily living
  • Sports analysis
  • Motion synthesis
  • Load case generation for FE models
  • Animal biomechanics
       and more...

Selected features

  • Detailed, fully editable models
  • Motion capture data inputs
  • Motion synthesis without experimental data
  • Subject specific model customization
  • Joint kinematics calculation
  • Muscle, joint and ligament force prediction
  • Export predicted forces to FE
  • Detailed implant behaviour simulation
  • Tutorials for beginners
  • Highly customizable model setup

Using motion capture (MoCap) in AnyBody

  • Readymade templates for MoCap simulation
  • Marker and IMU inputs for MoCap
  • Readily input C3D and BVH file formats  
  • Automatic anthropometric scaling
  • Ground reaction force prediction when data unavailable

Recent research

  • "Regarding loads after spinal fusion, every level should be seen separately: a musculoskeletal analysis", Benditz et al. (2018) [DOI]
  • "Biomechanical influence of deficient posterolateral corner structures on knee joint kinematics: A computational study", Kang et al. (2018) [DOI]
  • "Knee internal contact force in a varus malaligned phenotype in knee osteoarthritis (KOA)", Dell'Isola et al. (2017) [DOI]
  • "The effects of gastrocnemius-soleus muscle forces on ankle biomechanics during triple arthrodesis", Hejazi et al. (2017) [DOI]
  • "Anatomic and Biomechanical Comparison of the Classic and Congruent-Arc Techniques of the Latarjet Procedure", Montgomery et al. (2017) [DOI]
  • "A preventive evaluation of perceived postural comfort in car-cockpit design: Differences between the postural approach and the accurate muscular simulation under different load conditions in the case of steering-wheel usage", Naddeo et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Computer-based estimation of the hip joint reaction force and hip flexion angle in three different sitting configurations", Van Houcke et al. (2017) [DOI]
  • "Development and simulation of a passive upper extremity orthosis for amyoplasia", Jensen et al. (2018) [DOI]
  • "Semi-endoskeleton-type waist assist AB-wear suit equipped with compressive force reduction mechanism", Inose et al. (2017) [DOI]
  • "A human-centered design optimization approach for robotic exoskeletons through biomechanical simulation", Zhou & Bai (2017) [DOI]
  • "Evaluation of a Competition Wheelchair Based on Estimation of Muscle Activity for Forward Linear Operation by Using Inverse Dynamics Analysis", Kobayashi & Tanaka (2018) [DOI]
  • "A 3D Human-Machine Integrated Design and Analysis Framework for Squat Exercises with a Smith Machine", Lee et al. (2017) [DOI]
  • "Sitting position affects performance in cross-country sit-skiing", Lund Ohlsson & Laaksonen (2017) [DOI]
  • "Prediction of ground reaction forces and moments during sports-related movements", Skals et al. (2017) [DOI]

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