Maximum performance and comfort onboard

Our technology enables you to design work environments that are optimal for human biomechanical performace, with minimal investment of your company's resources. This helps you unlock vast improvements in the efficiency, performance and comfort of flight crews and passengers alike.

The European Space Agency's (ESA) Research and Technology Centre and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Wyle Laboratories have also used our products and services to improve astronaut wellbeing, comfort and endurance during outer space missions.


  • Cockpit & passenger cabin design
  • Ergonomic design for population anthropometrics
  • Seating analysis - H-point,  lumbar support etc.
  • Hatch & door design
  • Baggage handling safety - ergonomics, back pain etc.
  • Boneloss countermeasures for extended spaceflight
  • Biomechanics in microgravity
  • Ingress & egress analysis
  • Bodily strain during repetitive tasks
  • Numerical measures of comfort and performance
         and more...

Recent research

  • "Effect of helmet mass and mass center on neck muscle strength in military pilots", Hong, J.X. et al. (2012) [Read more
  • "Biomechanical simulations of a flywheel exercise device in microgravity", Boije, M. & Jönsson, M. (2015) [Read more]
  • "A novel approach to activate deep spinal muscles in space – results of a biomechanical model", Lindenroth, L. et al. (2015) [Read more]
  • "Comfort analysis in EVA reachable envelope based on human-spacesuit integrated biomechanical modeling", Wang, X. et al. (2015) [Read more]
  • "Optimization for lunar mission training scheme based on anybody software", Zhang, J. et al. (2013) [Read more]
  • "Design Optimization of Airline Seats", Rasmussen, J. & de Zee, M. (2008) [Read more]

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Recent webcasts

Investigation of muscle activation during active seating (Killian Wagner Biomech. Lab/RCBE, OTH Regensburg, Germany, 2016) (Watch on YouTube)

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