From Vicon motion capture data to musculoskeletal analysis using AnyBody

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(Søren Tørholm, Head of Services, AnyBody Technology, 27. April, 2023 )

AnyBody Technology is a pioneer of mechanical modeling of the living body, in particular musculoskeletal modeling. The all-dominating area of application is the human body working in concert with its environment, but the technology applies to analysis of any creature. Musculoskeletal models output loading in all muscles, joints, and potentially other tissue of the body, as well as potential derived quantities targeting for instance loading of devices, ergonomic analysis, human performance in sports, and the development of cutting-edge designs.

The simulation engine, the AnyBody Modeling System™, comes with an interface and readymade templates for integrating Vicon Motion Capture data. Working with high quality motion data input enables the users to ensure an accurate and reliable simulation process. In this joint webinar by Vicon and AnyBody Technology, we present the workflow of going from captured motion data to gaining crucial insights into biomechanical parameters as muscle activities and forces, joint reaction forces etc.

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