New features in the AnyBody Modeling System Version 8.0

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(Morten Enemark Lund & Kristoffer Iversen, AnyBody Technology , 22. March, 2024 )

Join us for a tour of the new AnyBody Modeling System 8.0 and the included updated AnyBody Managed Model Repository 3.0.

We will guide you through this major update which includes several new features and improvements that will enhance your modeling experience. AnyBody 8.0 introduces new AnyScript syntax, new meshed surface classes with related volume measures and inertia modeling classes, enhanced ligament and fatigue modeling, and a new update engine handling symbolic dependencies in all simulation operations and supporting many new AnyScript functions. Additionally, we have made improvements to the graphical user interface, in particular the Model Tree and Model View, and added support for recent Python versions (3.12).

The AnyBody Managed Model Repository includes several important updates and improvements. The highlights include the integration of pelvis, lumbar, and thorax models into a consistent trunk model, and updates to the leg model (TLEM 2.2) with improvements to the ankle complex, alignment of the patella tendon, and new wrapping surfaces to the Achilles tendon

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