Outdoor Motion Capture and Musculoskeletal Simulations

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(Ananth Gopalakrishnan, PhD, Application Engineer, AnyBody Technology, Angelos Karatsidis, PhD Researcher, Xsens & University of Twente and Monique Paulich, Product Specialist & Researcher, Xsens, 29. November, 2017 )

To date, musculoskeletal simulation studies require concurrent optical motion capture and force plate data to fully analyze the biomechanics. In this joint AnyBody Technology & Xsens webinar, we present a new workflow for obtaining full force data as well as compute muscle forces, without force plates or optical motion capture. The benefits include shorter setup times, no marker occlusion and the freedom to fully study outdoor activities. This work received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no. GA-731540 (The An.Dy project, ) and under Grant Agreement no. GA-680754 (The MovAiD project, ).

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