Patient-Specific Spine Analytics

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(Dr Isador Lieberman, Chief Medical Officer, Agada Medical; Samuel Shannon, Ph D, Sr Algorithm Engineer, Agada Medical; Pavel Galibarov, Ph D, Sr Consultant, AnyBody Technology; Kobi Blank, VP R&D, Agada Medical, 08. March, 2023 )

The Problem: Spinal surgery carries with it a 30% failure rate resulting in multiple revision surgeries as well as increased structural deterioration and recovery times.

The Solution: The Spine Oracle, an AI platform, powered by IP protected predictive analytics and machine learning, utilizing next generation bio-mechanical simulation and human 3D modeling software, to determine the likelihood of success or failure PRIOR TO SURGERY.

Today: Surgeons do not have the tools to predict surgical outcome based on biomechanics and function.

Tomorrow: The Spine Oracle, powered by a proprietary dynamic force analysis algorithm on a patient specific segmented digital twin with a robust predictive analytics module, prevents unseen and unwarranted failures.

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