Accelerate your innovations by reducing time, cost and risk

Our products and services help you develop cutting edge designs for orthopedic implants and joint replacements, within reduced time frames and costs. We provide objective, data backed solutions to help you address a wide array of development challenges such as determining load-bearing requirements and fulfilling regulatory obligations.


  • Design joint replacements and fracture fixators
  • Realistic mechanical testing of products
  • Implant behaviour inside body - motion, forces, stability
  • Optimize orthopedic surgery and implant positioning
  • Support product regulatory approval
  • Knee - total, partial arthroplasty, ACL/PCL reconstruction etc.
  • Hip - total, partial arthroplasty, acetabular cup, fixation nails & screws etc.
  • Shoulder - total, reverse, hemi-arthroplasty, clavicular plates etc.
  • Spine - disc replacements, pedicle screws, fixators etc.
  • Patient-specific solutions
         and more...

Recent research

  • "Development of a biomechanical model of the wrist joint for patient-specific model guided surgical therapy planning: Part 1", Eschweiler, J. et al. (2016)  [Read more]
  • "Lower limb kinematics and kinetics after total knee arthroplasty surgery during running – a case study", Komnik, I. et al. (2016)  [Read more]
  • "Effects of prosthetic mismatch and subscapularis tear on glenohumeral contact patterns in total shoulder arthroplasty: a numerical musculoskeletal analysis", Sins, L. et al. (2016)  [Read more]

  • "Optimal acetabular component orientation estimated using edge-loading and impingement risk in patients with metal-on-metal hip resurfacing arthroplasty", Mellon, S.J. et al. (2015)  [Read more]
  • "A subject-specific musculoskeletal modeling framework to predict in vivo mechanics of total knee arthroplasty", Marra, M. et al. (2015)  [Read more]

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Recent webcasts

Contact Forces and Kinematics of Total Knee Arthroplasty During Squatting - A Simulation Study (Jaehun Ro, Corentec Co., 2016) (Watch on YouTube)

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