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Our technology helps you rapidly and cost efficiently improve the ergonomics of your workplace environments. You benefit from objective, case-specific, data backed solutions that boost productivity and mitigate many short and long term health risks to your employees.


  • Ergonomic evaluation work environments
  • Risk factors and lifting hazards in heavy material handling
  • Short and long term effects of repetitive demanding tasks
  • Quantitative comparison of different working situations
  • Workplace design for optimal productivity
  • Designing for a population's anthropometrics
  • Numerical measures of comfort and performance
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Recent research

  • "New approaches for analysis in ergonomics: From paper and pencil methods to biomechanical simulation", Blab, F. et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Development and validation of a three dimensional dynamic biomechanical lifting model for lower back evaluation for careful box placement", Stambolian, D. et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Muscle force prediction: can we rely on musculoskeletal model estimations? A case study on push force exertions with the upper limb", Duprey, S. et al. (2015) [DOI]
  • "Low back load in airport baggage handlers", Koblauch, H. (2015) [PDF]
  • "Modelling and analysis of an impulse stimulated human body by a hand-guided power tool", Hess, S. (2013) [PDFWWW]
  • "Effect of helmet mass and mass center on neck muscle strength in military pilots", Hong, J.X. et al. (2012) [WWW]

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Recent webcasts

Loading an aircraft: Validation of the lumbar spine model and analysis of lumbar loads in airport baggage handlers (Henrik Koblauch, School of Physiotherapy UCC, 2015) (Watch on YouTube)

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