Workplace design for optimal productivity

Simulate the human body working in concert with its environment and compare working situations with relevant biomechanical parameters as e.g., individual muscle forces, joint contact-forces, moments, and metabolism. The AnyBody Modeling System allows you to analyze work situations (with and without assistive devices such as exoskeletons) by comparing subjects, scenarios, trends, statistics, and visualize and review the intervention effects.

Record the motion of interest (or let us record it for you) and analyze the internal body loads. Obtain in silico evidence of efficacy and safety by modeling specific intervention scenarios before implementing them in real life – choose the best fit intervention for implementing.


  • Offline multilevel ergonomic assessment of workplaces with or without assistive machines
  • Musculoskeletal injury risk factor assessment in work tasks (e.g., manual material handling)
  • Enhancement of conventional ergonomic assessment standards with biomechanical parameters as muscle activity and forces, joint reaction forces and metabolism
  • Biomechanical parameters to estimate physical fatigue from the perspectives of external loads and working postures
  • Body load analysis (e.g., spinal loading, knee loading etc.)

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  • More ergonomics publications