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The development of detailed and reliable models of the human body is an enormous task. The human body contains hundreds of anatomical muscles, many of which must be divided into several mechanical units. Each muscle in the body is subsequently described by many parameters influencing strength, force-velocity and force-length relationships, parallel and serial elasticity, pennation angle, fiber length, origin and insertion, etc. The other elements of a body model, i.e., joints, bones, and connective tissues, must also be described, and all of these property vary between individuals This means that a full body model will literally contain thousands of parameters.

For the past decade we have been trying to figure out how this can be organized, and we have not been entirely unsuccessful; we now have the most detailed and validated set of human body models that you are likely to find anywhere. The models can now be found at the AnyScript Community site, The site is managed jointly by the AnyBody Research Group and AnyBody Technology A/S with the latter sponsoring the expenses. The models are all free of charge and open for modifications thanks to the contributions of many scientists and the sponsorship of AnyBody Technology A/S.

The community contains all the tools you will need to collaborate on creating a model. In the AnyForge section of the site you can create or participate in projects and take advantage of tools such as source control of your models etc.

There are two categories of models available. Both are free but they come with different conditions for use and interaction, please all the details here.

In conclusion,

  • proposes a particular structure of the models that will facilitate the joining of models provided by different users
  • collects models submitted by users and performs initial evaluations and conformity tests
  • provides the digested models to other users for free
  • helps establishing contact between users with similar interests, so that they may coordinate their efforts

So, let's get started...

To get started using models from the repository and hopefully contributing models for the benefit of others, these are the steps we recommend you take:

  • If you have not already done so, complete the AnyScript tutorial
  • Download models from the Model repository and get a head start in your modeling
  • Contribute a model for the benefit of others.

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