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Our cutting edge simulation technology offers you detailed, quantitative insights on the workings of muscles, joints and bones in the human body. Leading research institutes around the world use our products and services to achieve pivotal solutions in engineering, health technology, sports sciences and a host of other disciplines. 


  • Musculoskeletal modeling and simulation
  • Inbuilt human model library
  • Rehabilitation research
  • Functional outcome evaluation
  • Exoskeleton development
  • Human-device interaction
  • Amputee motion and prosthesis design
  • Gait analysis
  • GRF prediction
  • Ergonomic and population studies
  • Activities of daily living
  • Sports analysis
  • Motion synthesis
  • Load case generation for FE models
  • Animal biomechanics
       and more...

Selected features

  • Detailed, fully editable models
  • Motion capture data inputs
  • Motion synthesis without experimental data
  • Subject specific model customization
  • Joint kinematics calculation
  • Muscle, joint and ligament force prediction
  • Export predicted forces to FE
  • Detailed implant behaviour simulation
  • Tutorials for beginners
  • Highly customizable model setup

Using motion capture (MoCap) in AnyBody

  • Readymade templates for MoCap simulation
  • Marker and IMU inputs for MoCap
  • Readily input C3D and BVH file formats  
  • Automatic anthropometric scaling
  • Ground reaction force prediction when data unavailable

Recent research

  • "Influence of lumbar spine rhythms and intra-abdominal pressure on spinal loads and trunk muscle forces during upper body inclination", Arshad, R. et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Subject-specific lower extremity modeling. Personalization of musculoskeletal models using medical imaging and functional measurements", Carbone, V. (2016) [PDFDOIWWW]
  • "Muscle force prediction: can we rely on musculoskeletal model estimations? A case study on push force exertions with the upper limb", Duprey, S. et al. (2015) [DOI]
  • "Metatarsal loading during gait - a musculoskeletal analysis", Al-Munajjed, A.A. et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Evaluation of a subject-specific musculoskeletal modelling framework for load prediction in total knee arthroplasty", Chen, Z. et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Development of a biomechanical model of the wrist joint for patient-specific model guided surgical therapy planning: Part 1", Eschweiler, J. et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Intra-articular Knee Contact Force Estimation during Walking using Force-reaction Elements and Subject-specific Joint Model", Jung, Y. et al. (2016) [DOI]
  • "Effects of prosthetic mismatch and subscapularis tear on glenohumeral contact patterns in total shoulder arthroplasty: a numerical musculoskeletal analysis", Sins, L. et al. (2016)[DOI]
  • "A subject-specific musculoskeletal modeling framework to predict in vivo mechanics of total knee arthroplasty", Marra, M. et al. (2015) [DOI]

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Recent webcasts

Personalize your musculoskeletal models based on medical image data (Pavel Galibarov, AnyBody Technology, 2016) (Watch on YouTube)

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