Products & Services

The AnyBody Modeling System™

The leading musculoskeletal modeling software to solve design problems on ergonomics. Download more information here.

The AnyBody Managed Model Repository™ (AMMR)

The AMMR is a collection of unique models ready for use in the AnyBody Modeling System™.

This model library contains a collection of detailed scalable template body models performing a variety of different activities of daily living.

AnyBody users have access to the AMMR. Updated versions of the AMMR are provided regularly by AnyBody Technology, usually in association with new releases of the AnyBody Modeling System. 


SolidWorks2AnyBody is an add-in for SolidWorks. The tool translates SolidWorks CAD models into corresponding AnyScript models for the AnyBody Modeling System, incl. all mass properties, mate relationships, and color information of the different parts. Download the Fact sheet here.

Consulting services

Applying our technology, problem-solving skills and experience on biomechanics to your specific purpose.


On-site lectures, workshops and professional supervision - improving your own abilities at working with musculoskeletal modeling and analysis.


After-sales modeling assistance - securing your access to timely assessment of arising questions and challenges.

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