What’s New In The AnyBody Modeling System 7.4

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(Morten Enemark Lund, Sr. R&D Engineer, AnyBody Technology, 08. June, 2022 )

Join us for a tour of the AnyBody Modeling System 7.4 and the new AnyBody Managed Model Repository.

We will guide you through the exciting new features, which include: Two new examples of exoskeleton models, a tool for applying femoral torsion to the TLEM leg model, a knee force example model, showing how to calculate an estimate of the medial/lateral knee force in model with simple revolute axis knee joints, and a new box lifting MoCap model to help users get started with Xsens based models that interact with objects in the environment.

Most example models now also include a very convenient tool for creating creating high quality videos of the model with a single operation. Besides these additions the new model repository also includes a host of model improvements to all body parts and many bug fixes to problems discovered since the last release.

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