Musculoskeletal modeling for the evolutionary biologist: A primer

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(Dr. Adam D. Sylvester, Associate Professor, Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 11. October, 2021 )

Musculoskeletal modeling is positioned at the intersection of engineering and an understanding of biological variation. It is the preeminent technique for investigating the internal workings of the musculoskeletal system. Elucidating sources and understanding the evolutionary causes and ramifications of human biological variation is a core competency of biological anthropology. Similar questions motivate researchers in other fields that focus on other animals. This webinar explores the ways in which biological anthropologists, and other evolutionary biologists, can leverage the tremendous progress made in musculoskeletal modeling to answer questions of human (and other animal) biology. Additionally, these same researchers can help refine musculoskeletal models with their understanding of biological variation. Human walking will be used as the primary example because its evolution and modern biomechanics have figured so prominently in human evolutionary research.

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