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Loading an aircraft: Validation of the lumbar spine model and analysis of lumbar loads in airport baggage handlers (Henrik Koblauch, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, School of Physiotherapy UCC, 10. November, 2015)
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In the webcast, Henrik Koblauch will present his work to use musculoskeletal models to evaluate loading of the lower back in airport baggage handlers. The presentation includes the efforts to validate the lumbar spine model for estimating lumbar loading in lifting tasks. The second part of the webcast will present the musculoskeletal modeling of baggage handlers working inside the luggage compartment of a Boeing 737-800.

Modeling of population ergonomics with AnyBody (Prof. John Rasmussen, Aalborg University, 25. June, 2015)
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Many industrial products such as automobiles, furniture, assistive devices and sports equipment are produced industrially not for a single individual but for a cross section of the population. Furthermore, some of these products contain adjustment capabilities to accommodate people of different sizes. This webcast present a new modeling method in AnyBody that allow for investigation of the ergonomics of a population in conjunction with a product or adjustable environment. We show how thousands of body models can be generated within the variability of a population, placed in conjunction with the product and evaluated for kinematics-based comfort. The method draws on new kinematic features in version 6.1 of the AnyBody Modeling System, on the system’s general ability to handle soft constraints and closed kinematic chains, and finally on a connection with Python.

Workplace-Ergonomics Articles

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