Movement efficiency – metabolic power calculation

Perform sophisticated movement analysis of sports related motions and investigate the metabolic effects of different movement strategies, load scenarios, induced fatigue, and more. The AnyBody Modeling System allows quantification of the metabolic power of movements and the individual body parts as a valuable tool for both sport and other fields such as workplace ergonomics.


  • Energy expenditure analysis (metabolism)
  • Understand physical performance during various movements
  • Investigate energy expenditure changes due to external loads
  • Metabolic power estimations
  • Comparison of metabolic energy laws
  • Fatigue Modeling


  • Metabolism Modeling in AnyBody
    • See the technical note on metabolic modeling in the AnyScript Reference Manual
  • Fatigue Modeling in AnyBody
    • See the technical not on fatigue modeling in the AnyScript Reference Manual
  • Parameter Studies and Optimization

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