Technology that gives you the winning edge

We help you push the limits of athletic performance with technology that gives you unique insights into the workings of the human body. Explore a wide range of possibilities ranging from the evaluation of athlete technique, injury risk and creating equipment that is optimal for specific performance goals.


  • Motion analysis and muscle function during sports
  • Identifying injury risk for joints, ligaments etc.
  • Designing and evaluating sports equipment
  • Movement efficiency - metabolic power calculation
  • Sports brace and support assessment
  • Gait and running - technique, footwear  assessment etc.
  • Swimming - stroke technique, muscle coordination etc.
  • Skiing - equipment, injury risk etc.
  • Soccer - ACL, long-term injury risk etc.
  • Numerical measures of performance & injury risk
         and more...

Recent research

  • "Evaluation of a Competition Wheelchair Based on Estimation of Muscle Activity for Forward Linear Operation by Using Inverse Dynamics Analysis", Kobayashi & Tanaka (2018) [DOI]
  • "A 3D Human-Machine Integrated Design and Analysis Framework for Squat Exercises with a Smith Machine", Lee et al. (2017) [DOI]
  • "Sitting position affects performance in cross-country sit-skiing", Lund Ohlsson & Laaksonen (2017) [DOI]
  • "Prediction of ground reaction forces and moments during sports-related movements", Skals et al. (2017) [DOI]
  • "3D-CG based musculoskeletal simulation for a swimmer wearing competitive swimwear", Nakashima, M. et al. (2013) [DOI]

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Recent webcasts

Ground reaction force prediction with the AnyBody Modeling System (Michael Skipper Andersen and Sebastian Skals, Aalborg University, 2015) (Watch on YouTube)

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