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Investigation of muscle activation during active seating (Killian Wagner Biomech. Lab/RCBE, OTH Regensburg, Germany, 12. May, 2016) Presentation (5MB)Playback (151MB)YouTube. Continuous seating leads to prolonged static muscle and tissue loading that may cause back pain. In this work, experimental input-data is used to examine spine-muscle activation during performing defined movements on a dynamic office chair. The OTH (Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule) Regensburg collaborates with AnyBody Technology as an AnyBody Knowledge Center. It is one of the largest technical universities of applied sciences in Germany. The "Regensburg Center of Biomedical Engineering" (RCBE) is located at the OTH and pools the biomedical research activities in the region in an inter-faculty and inter-university research institute. The Laboratory for Biomechanics is part of the RCBE and focuses on basic and applied research in musculoskeletal biomechanics. With a combination of numerical and experimental methods applied and basic research in orthopedic and ergonomic related topics is conducted..The three methodical pillars of the labs work are: Muskuloskeletal simulations, Finite Element Simulations and experimental investigations on implants and biomaterials. Special emphasis is laid on combined workflows incorporating clinical gait analyses, medical image analysis, musculoskeletal simulation and finite element simulations. The RCBE welcomes visits from established researchers and Ph.D. students if fast progress on the modeling task can be achieved.

Musculoskeletal Simulation in an Automotive Environment (Senior Consultant Amir Al-Munajjed, PhD, AnyBody Technology, 23. October, 2014) Presentation (4Mb), Playback (61Mb), YouTube. In this webcast Amir Al-Munajjed, senior consultant at AnyBody Technology, will give an overview of how musculoskeletal models can be used to answer ergonomic questions during package design, seat development or similar automotive developments.



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