The AnyBody Managed Model Repository(TM) is a unique open collection of human body parts represented as mechanical elements, and examples of how to model activities of daily living (ADL).

The AnyBody Managed Model Repository contains a generic human body model with an unprecedented level of detail, which can be configured to contain only certain body parts, scaled anthropometrically and by using available data from medical images.

 AMMR documentation

All provided examples vary in their nature, underlying modeling methods and data, physiological mechanisms, research goals, and so on. Thus, the AnyBody Managed Model Repository provides a large range of modeling techniques and tricks that can be adopted by simple copying of a piece of code or an entire model. 

Applications for various fields can be developed by looking at available models:

  • Ortopedics and rehabilitation
  • Automotive/Aerospace/Defense
  • Sports
  • Daily activities
  • Validation examples

Human Body Model

The generic body model is comprised of mechanical elements (rigid bodies, passive and active spring elements, mechanical joints, etc.) representing soft and hard tissues of the human body. Each body part is implemented through utilizing data from detailed cadaveric/anatomic studies ensuring high accuracy and anatomical fidelity of the models:

  • Twente Lower Extremity Model
  • Mayo Shoulder Aarm Model
  • Glasgow-Maastricht Foot Model
  • And many more

Examples in Ortopedics

Sports Examples

Activities of Daily Living

Examples for Automotive/Aerospace industries

Validation studies