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AnyScript++: User-defined classes

AnyScript - the language of the AnyBody Modeling Systemâ„¢ and the AnyBody repositories which are used for model creation and analysis - has been equipped with facilities for making user-defined classes. This new set of features, available in version 4.0.2, is named AnyScript++ since it is a step similar to the programming language C++, which was created as an extension to standard C with the facilities for object-oriented programming. The user benefits from this in several important ways. Read more here.


Jul 2-4: TGCS, 12th Biennial Computer Simulation Symposium, Cape Town, South Africa

Jul 5-9: ISB 2009 Conference, Cape Town, South Africa.

Sep 7-12: World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Munich, Germany

Oct 21-24: Eurospine, Warsaw, Poland.

Upcoming webcast

Jul 2: Influence of clavicle midshaft fracture pattern on the superior plate stabilization.
Speakers: PD Dr. med. Carsten Englert, Department of Trauma Surgery, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany, and Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Dendorfer, AnyBody Technology. 

AnyBody Technology continues supporting the ISB as a Gold Sponsor

The foundation of AnyBody Technology is still solidly planted in the world of biomechanics, in which we strive for making software reflecting high scientific integrity and trustworthiness. Therefore, we also recognize the International Society of Biomechanics as an important forum of respected opinions, and thus we continue our gold sponsorship of the organization and community of ISB.

AnyBody Technology co-sponsors the Andrzej Komor Award at TGCS Symposium

At the 12th International Symposium on Computer Simulation in Biomechanics (arranged by the TGCS) AnyBody Technology is proudly co-sponsoring the Andrzej Komor Award, which is given to a young investigator for the best paper during the symposium.

The award will be given at the TGCS banquet at VA Waterfront, Cape Town (RSA) on Saturday, July 4th.

AnyBody presentations at the upcoming ISB and TGCS conferences

TGCS, 12th Biennial Computer Simulation Symposium
will be held July 2-4 2009, the weekend leading up to ISB 2009, in Cape Town, South Africa. The presentations are

Jiro Sakamoto, Hiroshi Fukui, Tsubasa Minowa, Hideki Murakami, Norio Kawahara, & Katsuro Tomita:
Mechanical analysis of spine with kyphosis due to compression fracture of osteoporotic vertebra.

John Rasmussen, Mark de Zee, Joachim Dahl, & Michael Damsgaard:
Salient properties of a combined minimum fatigue and quadratic muscle recruitment criterion.

Michael S. Andersen, Mark de Zee1, Sebastian Dendorfer, Bruce MacWilliams, & John Rasmussen:
Validation of a detailed lower extremity model based on the Klein Horsman data set.

ISB 2009, XXII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, will held July 5-9, also in Cape Town. The presentations are

Uwe G. Kersting & Mark de Zee:
Reflex responses and ankle joint loading during perturbed turning movements.

Christian Gammelgaard Olesen, Michael Skipper Andersen, Michael Skovdal Rathleff, Mark de Zee & John Rasmussen: Understanding the biomechanics of medial tibial stress syndrome - a simulation study using a musculoskeletal model.

Christian Gammelgaard Olesen, Mark de Zee, & John Rasmussen:
Experimental validation of a computational human seating model.

John Rasmussen, Mark de Zee, & Sylvain Carbes:
Validation of a biomechanical model of the lumbar spine.

Mark de Zee, Peter Mikkelsen, Christian Wong, Erik B. Simonsen, & John Rasmussen:
The influence of the center of rotation position on facet joint loading and end plate loading investigated with musculoskeletal simulation.

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