AnyBody newsletter: Wheelchair propulsion, Hip joint implant analysis combining ANSYS with AnyBody, and Fitness equipment for ACL rehabilitation

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  • Upcoming webcasts - with guest speakers
  • AnyBody presentations
  • Tips and tricks #9: Displaying node trajectories
  • Wheelchair propulsion, Hip joint implant analysis combining ANSYS with AnyBody, and Fitness equipment for ACL rehabilitation projects
  • Welcome to Casper Gerner Mikkelsen
  • Events: Meet AnyBody at...
  • New Virtual Centre for Technologies for Aging and Handicapped at Aalborg University

Upcoming webcasts

  • 18 Sep - A detailed rigid-body cervical spine model based on inverse dynamics
    Speaker: Dr. Mark de Zee, Aalborg University
  • 3 Oct - Development of a musculoskeletal simulator for swimming
    Guest speaker: Dr. Motomu Nakashima, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • 8 Nov- Adjusting the Axle Placement in Wheelchair Users to Minimize Shoulder Joint Forces
    Guest speaker: Sarah Sullivan, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

AnyBody presentations

Arne Kiis, AnyBody Technology, will present Gait simulation and foot modeling at the Footscan® Users World Meeting, Sep 13-15, Gijon, Spain

Karl Siebertz and Jessica Rausch with Ford Forschungszentrum in Aachen, Germany will present: Simulation des menschlichen Bewegungsapparates zur Innenraumgestaltung von Fahrzeugen (coauthored with J. Rasmussen and S. Torholm) at the Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt conference Oct 18-19 in Hamburg, Germany.

Tips and tricks #9: Displaying node trajectories

When developing models it is often convenient to be able to actually see the trajectory of a certain point (node) in the model such as a marker from a motion capture experiment or perhaps a joint center.

This little demo model shows how this can be done by making use of the AnyChart object.

Trajectory (blue) of a spiraling node


As one of the top-nominated designs for the 2007 award AnyBody is part of the INDEX exhibition now starting to tour the world. First stop is Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug 17 - Sep 23. Next follws the Gwangju Design Biennale 2007, Oct 5 - Nov 3.

AnyBody is proud to present work done in cooperation with four clients: DePuy International, Ford Motor Co., RBM, and RSScan International.

AnyBody Technology's contribution to the 2007 INDEX: AWARD exhibiton in Copenhagen

Project: Wheelchair propulsion

Sarah Sullivan from Rutgers University in New Jersey has spent one month in the AnyBody Research Project completing her model of wheelchair propulsion and validating it against EMG data. The fundamental problem Sarah is trying to solve is finding a layout of the wheelchair that reduces the risk of overuse injuries in the gleno-humeral joint. The model now works very well, and Sarah has returned to New Jersey to complete her thesis on the subject.

Sarah has kindly offered to present her work in a public webcast on Nov. 8.

Project: Hip joint implant analysis combining ANSYS with AnyBody

Catherine Manders from University of Southampton has visited the AnyBody Research project for a four-month period. Catherine has completed a validation of gait models against measured hip joint reaction forces, and she is currently working on interfacing the model with the finite element software ANSYS. The purpose is to develop a finite element model that also takes the muscle forces into account.

Catherine has kindly offered to present her work at the ANSYS Conference & 25th CADFEM Users´ Meeting, Nov 21-23 in Dresden, Germany.

Project: Fitness equipment for ACL rehabilitation

Maja Rose is a graduate student who has just started her work on design of fitness equipment for rehabilitation of knees after ACL injuries. This type of injury is unfortunately very common in certain types of sports such as basketball and team handball, and the treatment and rehabilitation remains a long-term process from which many athletes do not recover fully. The aim of Maja’s project is to identify the muscles responsible for stabilization of the knee and to design exercises that will strengthen these muscles.

Welcome to Casper Gerner Mikkelsen

Casper, a MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Aalborg University, has joined AnyBody Technology to strengthen business development, sales, and marketing.

Events: Meet AnyBody at...

AnyBody workshop (seminar)
Sep 13, Seoul (Yuksamdong), Korea

Training workshop
Sep 14, Seoul (Yuksamdong), Korea

Footscan® Users World Meeting
Sep 13-15, Gijon, Spain

Training workshop
27-28 Sep, Munich, Germany

ANSYS Conference & 25th CADFEM Users´ Meeting
Nov 21-23, Dresden, Germany

Cervical Spine Research Society Annual Meeting, Nov 29-Dec 1, San Francisco, CA

World Congress on Neck Pain, Jan 20-22, Los Angeles, CA

New Virtual Centre for Technologies for Aging and Handicapped people at Aalborg University

Postdoc Mark de Zee from the AnyBody Research Project will speak about aging and modeling at the opening of the new V-CenTAH center on Sep. 17.


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The AnyBody Team.

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